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~ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ~PCA Divider

Frequently Asked Client Questions

Do I qualify for PCA services? Yes, If you are eligible for Medical Assistance and have a need for services. Meaning you need help with 2 of your daily activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, or participating in the community because of special health care needs including behaviors.

Can I use a family member or friend as my PCA? Yes, you may use a trusted family member or friend as your PCA. Otherwise, we can staff you with one of our highly qualified PCAs.

Can I qualify for medical assistance? Contact the Human Services Department of your County. They will be able to tell you if you qualify for medical assistance. There are income and asset guidelines, but even if you have too much income you may still qualify after paying a copayment.

Can my PCA come with to my appointments? Yes, as long as they are assisting you in the community (such as church or Dr. appts.).

Will they be paid for the time driving me there? Yes, your PCA of choice will get paid to transport you to and from your community based activity.

Can my PCA work with me in their home? No. Unless the PCA and the Client live together.

Do you work with children? What ages? We work with children and adults of all ages as long as they qualify for Medical Assistance or Private Pay.

How many hours of service will I get? The Public Health Nurse from your County will assess you to determine how many hours per week you will receive.

How much do services costs? Free, to those that qualify for Medical Assistance.


Frequently Asked Employee Questions

Can I work for a family member? Yes, you may work for a family member.

How often will I get paid? Weekly.

Is direct deposit available? Yes, direct deposit is available.